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GST Return Filing

GST stands Goods and Service Tax. It has been implemented from 1st of July, 2017 bringing Indian indirect tax regime at international standards. It is focused on relieving Industries from following multiple and complex tax structures and bringing them on single tax platform i.e. GST. GST is expected to cut off the current compliances and improving ease of doing business small businesses in India. Under the GST, all entities involved in buying or selling of goods or providing services or both are required to get registered for GST. Although for entities having turnover below the prescribed turnover of Rs. 20 lacs GST registration is not mandatory.

GST registered person has to file GSTR 1 (details of outward supplies) up to 10th of each month, GSTR 2 (details of inward supplies) up to 15th of each month and GSTR-3 (monthly return) on the 20th of each month. Composition Scheme person would be required to file GSTR 4 on quarterly basis, on 18th of the month following the quarter. An annual GST return is also required be filed by all GST registered persons up to 31st of December.

Advantages of GST

  • Ease of Doing Business

    Its quite easier to transact in GST than earlier tax laws.Under GST, there is no distinction between goods and services which has made doing business easier.

  • Internationally Acceptable

    All the countries in the world are adopting GST due to its simplified nature.Implementation of the GST in India will open new trade opportunities with many countries in world.

  • No Multiple Indirect Taxes

    Earlier there were multiple tax operation in India such as VAT, service tax, luxury tax, entertainment tax, entry tax excise.Now there is only one tax i.e. GST.

  • Up to date Records

    All registered entities are required to file returns on monthly basis and reconcile and finalize and outward and inward supplies at the same time. It will force to keep all the records updated to enable you to file timely and accurate returns

  • Less Litigations

    As suppliers are required to reconcile their details at the end of each month and same law is applicable to whole of India, there are less chances of receiving unreasonable litigation in GST.

  • Easy Refunds

    Earlier it was difficult to get refunds from the VAT or excise departments and lot of harassment has to be faced.Now in GST dealers will get automatic refunds for Input tax credit not utilized till the end of the Financial Year.

We Have Kept the Packages Simple and Affordable

  • Basic

    Rs. 990.00
    • Sales upto 75 transactions
    • Reconciliation Support
    • Inclusive of all taxes
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  • Standard

    Rs. 1,490.00
    • Sales upto 150 transactions
    • Reconciliation Support
    • Inclusive of all taxes
    • Inclusive of all Govt Fees, if any
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  • Premium

    Rs. 3,490.00
    • Sales above 150 transactions
    • Reconciliation Support
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    • Inclusive of all Govt Fees, if any
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STEPS for Filing GST Returns

  • Upto 10th of next month File GSTR 1 : Upload details of Outward Supplies (sales) made in simple excel format
  • Upto 15th of next month Approve GSTR 2A : Reconcile and approve purchases autopopulated from GSTR 1.
  • Upto 15th of next month file GSTR 2 : File Final GSTR 2 contaning Inward supplies details.
  • Upto 15th of next month file GSTR 1A : Make alteration in outward supplies made, if any.
  • Upto 20th of next month file GSTR 3 : Pay GST and file finalised return of GST.

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