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Trademark Assignment

Registered Trademarks are transferable to other persons by entering into the legal agreements. An owner can allow other people to use his owned trademark, either for all purposes or for some products/purposes or with some geographical barriers. Assignor, if transfers to the assignee the exclusive rights over trademark then it has to be registered within a period of six months with the registrar.It usually involves the lump sum payment for assigning the exclusive rights of a trademark.Further, a person can also allow the another person to use his trademark to a limited extent on the terms of payment as may be decided between them.

Process for Trademark Assignment

  • Understanding the Requirements (2 Working Days)

    Our team will contact you to understand your exact requirements and terms for assignment.

  • Drafting the Deed (3 Working Days)

    Our team will draft a deed for you including the clauses on the basis of understanding of your requirements.Finalized deed will be signed by the both the parties.

  • Preparation of documents (2 Working Days)

    We will get the deed notarized from the public notary and prepare the forms to be filed with the Registrar.

  • Filing of documents with the notary (1 Working Day)

    We will file all the documents with the Registrar.Receipt and other documents for filing the assignment will be shared with you.

  • Approval of Assignment (9 Months)

    The registrar will examine the application and then publish the assignment in the Trade Marks Journal within a month.An assignment will be successful in case no opposition is received against it.

Advantages of Trademark Assignment

  • Define Operational Area

    Operational area whether on the basis of product line or geographical location can be easily defined through the legal deed.

  • No Legal Disputes

    As the deed defines the detailed clauses and conditions of using the same, there are fewer chances for any legal disputes among the assignees.

  • Quick and Easy way

    Trademark assignment has much higher success rate than trademark registration.It can reduce the risk of obtaining trademark and make the process of owing a trademark smoother and sooner.

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